Parkland Zip Code: Exploring the Geography of the Sunshine State

Overview of Parkland Zip Code Parkland is a serene city known for its commitment to preserving a “park-like” character in the northwestern part of Broward County. Incorporated in 1963, Parkland has grown from a rural …

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Overview of Parkland Zip Code

Parkland is a serene city known for its commitment to preserving a “park-like” character in the northwestern part of Broward County. Incorporated in 1963, Parkland has grown from a rural enclave to a bustling suburban town while maintaining its green spaces and natural beauty. This article drills into what makes a Parkland zip code, and the features that make it an attractive place to live.

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Parkland, a city of approximately 34,000 residents, is known for its family-friendly environment, excellent schools, and luxurious homes. The town offers a suburban lifestyle with easy access to urban amenities, making it a sought-after location for families and professionals.

Parkland Zip Codes

Parkland covers an area of 12.8 square miles and is divided into several neighborhoods, each with its unique charm. The primary zip codes serving Parkland are 33067, 33076, and 33073. These zip codes encompass residential areas, commercial zones, and recreational facilities.

Parkland is primarily divided into two primary zip codes: Two of the identified products are 33067 and 33076. These zip codes also contain separate neighborhoods and elements determining the city’s shades.

Knowledge about these areas will assist the potential residents who seek a place to live in Parkland in making the right decisions on where to live in the city.

Zip Code 33067

Parkland’s eastern section is inside zip code 33067 and comprises some of the city’s premier neighborhoods. It has large houses, good schools, and is well located relative to interstate highways.

Neighborhoods in Zip Code 33067

Heron Bay is a distinguished gate neighborhood with several facilities, including golf courses, swimming pools, and gymnasium centers. Many quality homes are in Heron Bay, and lawns and gardens have been well maintained.

Pine Tree Estates

Clients are willing to buy several land and construct their dream homes since the lots offered by Pine Tree Estates are relatively more significant than those of Fuller Land.

The neighborhood has well-developed vegetation cover, together with nature, that always makes the place calm.

Cypress Head

Cypress Head is the fourth gated community with tennis courts, a clubhouse, and a lake. It is considered to cater to the security situation and specifically the services that allow recreation, thus being suitable for any given family.

Real Estate Market in 33067

The housing market in zip code 33067 is well developed, and a wide variety of houses can be found in this zip code according to the buyer’s preference and ability to afford the homes.

The residential buildings found in this area are mainly detached houses, and the costs of the houses depend on the number of floors, the neighborhood they are in, and additional features.

The median home price in 33067 is higher than the national average, which certainly underlines the area’s popularity.

Schools in 33067

Other essential facilities, such as schools, are also easily accessible. The zip code 33067 is on the Broward County list of well-performing schools.

This area has public schools that fall under the Broward County Public Schools system, an area noted for its excellent education practices and full-service school systems. Notable schools include:

  • Park Trails Elementary School
  • Westglades Middle School
  • Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

Several private and charter schools are nearby, in addition to public schools, allowing parents to choose the best school for their children.

Amenities and Attractions in 33067

People living in zip code 33067 can find many facilities and exciting places. It has parks, recreational areas, shopping malls, restaurants, and any other necessities that may be required. Some of the key attractions include. Some of the key attractions include:

Heron Bay Golf Club

One of the distinguished courses providing complex and visually arresting experiences. It also has fully fitted changing rooms, a professional shop, dining places, and spaces for functions.

Pine Trails Park

A multipurpose park with baseball/softball fields, parks for children to play, paved paths for jogging/ biking, and ground for picnicking. Pine Trails Park is among the most frequented family and community fun and activities destinations.

Coral Square Mall

This mall is slightly outside Parkland and provides all the needs of a typical mall, that is, shopping outlets, eateries, and entertainment facilities.

Zip Code 33076

Further, Parkland zip code 33076 primarily encompasses the western part of this city and is characterized by newer construction and planned-unit development. This area is famous for relatively new homes, excellent schools, basic infrastructure, and many green areas.

Neighborhoods in Zip Code 33076

Parkland Golf & Country Club

An elite neighborhood with a surrounding area of a single golf course, beautiful villas, a clubhouse, a Spa center, a tennis court, etc. Thus, it is evident that this neighborhood is perfect for everyone who wants to live a sophisticated life.

Mira Lago

Mira Lago is a planned community with different housing designs, from townhouses to single-family homes. Additionally, MiraLago has resort-like facilities, including a clubhouse, pool area, and fitness facilities.


Another master-planned community distinguished for its lovely houses and best facilities. Watercrest gives its residents the feel of residing next to a body of water, along with many trails, parks, and recreational areas.

Real Estate Market in 33076

The real estate situation in the 33076 zip code denotes a variety of homes and for sale units that will serve diverse client needs and demands in terms of type, size, and price.

Most houses in this area are relatively new developments, providing contemporary architectural styles and appropriate facilities.

The median home prices are nearly the same for zip codes 33076 and 33067, proving the major attraction for homeowners to invest in this region.

Schools in 33076

Those schools in Zip code 33076 include some of the best schools in Broward County and are listed below. The mentioned public schools are in Broward County Public Schools, territories with the highest academic achievement and developed educational services. Notable schools include:

  • Riverglades Elementary School
  • Mary Help of Christians Catholic School
  • Somerset Parkland Academy

Some other school networks, including private and charter schools, are situated in the area, giving parents various choices to educate their children.

Amenities and Attractions in 33076

That means people living in the 33076 zip code can use the facilities and sights. Existing communities include several parks, recreation squares, stores, and eating places. Some of the key attractions include:

Parkland Golf & Country Club

Parkland Golf & Country Club is a highly functional and beneficial playing field for golfers, a piece of land considered for aesthetics. The club also has a pro shop with production capacities for selling equipment, eating places, and rooms for use on occasion.

MiraLago Clubhouse

This facility has some characteristics, such as a swimming pool, fitness center, and halls. Another social imperative is the Clubhouse, which allows community members to participate in different activities.

Watercrest Lake

This great lake enables tourists to have excellent sites for water, bicycle riding, and fishing, among other activities. The best thing about the lake is its enclosed walls and parks where you can breathe fresh air.

Final Thoughts

Parkland, FL, is a city that embodies safety, community, and quality of life. With its low crime rates, excellent schools, abundant recreational opportunities, and a strong sense of community, Parkland is ideal for families, professionals, and retirees.

Its mix of native beauty, modern amenities, and a focus on safety make it a standout community in South Florida.

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