Best Neighborhoods In Indianapolis: Looking Around

The Best Indianapolis Neighborhoods to Call Home Downtown Indianapolis is the city’s core, offering dynamic nightlife, cultural institutions, and sports venues. It has a place for anyone, whether you’re a young professional seeking the excitement …

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The Best Indianapolis Neighborhoods to Call Home

Downtown Indianapolis is the city’s core, offering dynamic nightlife, cultural institutions, and sports venues. It has a place for anyone, whether you’re a young professional seeking the excitement of urban living, a family looking for a friendly community with excellent schools, or a retiree searching for peaceful green spaces without straying far from the conveniences of city life. In this guide, we’ll explore some of the best Indianapolis neighborhoods for anyone considering moving to this welcoming city.

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Admirals Sound

Admirals Sound is a prestigious waterfront community located in the Geist Reservoir area of Indianapolis. Known for its luxurious homes and serene water views, it offers residents a unique living experience.

Neighborhood Feel: The neighborhood boasts a tranquil and exclusive atmosphere, with beautifully landscaped properties and access to waterfront amenities. It’s a peaceful enclave perfect for those seeking privacy and a connection with nature.

Ideal for: Families and individuals looking for upscale living with a strong sense of community. It’s also perfect for boating enthusiasts and those who appreciate waterfront activities.

Crystal Pointe

Crystal Pointe is an Indianapolis neighborhood known for its well-maintained homes and active homeowners association. It is conveniently close to shopping, dining, and entertainment options and offers a balanced suburban lifestyle.

Neighborhood Feel: With its friendly atmosphere and community-focused events, Crystal Pointe fosters a strong sense of belonging among residents. It boasts tidy streets, lush parks, and recreational facilities.

Ideal for: This neighborhood is perfect for families and professionals seeking a community that combines suburban comfort with easy access to urban amenities. It’s also great for those who value active living and social engagement.

Feather Cove

Nestled on the shores of Geist Reservoir, Feather Cove is known for its wooded lots, winding streets, and waterfront homes. It is one of the best Indianapolis communities, offering a picturesque setting and luxury living.

Neighborhood Feel: Feather Cove provides a secluded and upscale environment surrounded by natural beauty. It exudes a calm, inviting atmosphere, with plenty of green spaces and waterfront views.

Ideal for: Anyone desiring a tranquil retreat from the city while maintaining access to Indianapolis. It’s particularly appealing to nature lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, and those seeking a high-quality, peaceful living space.

Top Cities and Communities Around Indianapolis

Indy is also a central hub where various charming cities and communities radiate. Here are some of them:


About 30 minutes east of Indianapolis communities, Greenfield combines the charm of small-town living with the convenience of being close to the urban core. It is known for its rich history, beautiful parks, and excellent schools. The Greenfield-Central Community School Corporation is highly rated, making it a great place for families. The dining scene includes quaint coffee shops and family-owned restaurants, offering a taste of local cuisine and culture. The Pennsy Trail, a paved multi-use path, provides residents ample outdoor recreational opportunities.

Neighborhood Feel: The streets are lined with traditional and modern homes, fostering a blend of old and new. Local parks provide ample outdoor activities, while the schools here are noted for their commitment to student success.

Ideal for: Families and those who appreciate the balance between a tight-knit community feel and the proximity to a larger city. It’s also ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and history buffs who enjoy exploring local heritage and green spaces.


McCordsville is a rapidly growing suburb to the northeast of Indianapolis, offering residents a blend of residential comfort and accessibility to city amenities. It has numerous parks, walking trails, and a family-friendly atmosphere. The Hancock County Public Library’s McCordsville branch is a hub of activities, offering programs for all ages. Its proximity to Geist Reservoir adds to its appeal, providing water sports, fishing, and lakeside dining opportunities.

Neighborhood Feel: McCordsville maintains its rustic appeal while embracing development. Residents enjoy the tranquility of suburban life and the convenience of modern amenities. It boasts expansive green spaces, offering a peaceful retreat.

Ideal for: Growing families and professionals looking for a home that combines suburban comfort with accessibility to city amenities. It is also appealing to those who love water activities.

New Palestine

This small town southeast of Indianapolis offers a slower-paced lifestyle without straying too far from urban conveniences. It has a tight-knit community, excellent schools, and plenty of green spaces. The annual New Palestine Festival is a highlight, bringing residents together for parades, fireworks, and family entertainment.

Neighborhood Feel: Known for its tranquil living and friendly atmosphere, New Palestine is the epitome of small-town charm. Community ties are strong here, and annual local events unite residents. The landscape is dotted with well-kept homes and public spaces encouraging outdoor activities.

Ideal for: Buyers looking for a tranquil retreat from city life yet still valuing accessibility to urban conveniences. With affordable housing and a safe, friendly environment, New Palestine subdivisions are ideal for families and anyone looking for a peaceful retreat.


Fishers, located to the northeast of Indianapolis, is frequently cited as one of the best places to live in Indiana. This city has experienced significant growth, transforming from a small town to a thriving suburban district. It features top-notch schools, vibrant events, and a business-friendly environment. The Nickel Plate District, the city’s downtown area, hosts concerts, farmers markets, and community gatherings. It also has parks and recreational facilities, including the famous Geist Reservoir.

Neighborhood Feel: This area stands out for its vibrant community life, innovative spirit, and focus on family-friendly amenities. Fishers has been recognized for its rapid growth and development, balancing commercial success with a welcoming suburban feel. The area offers a variety of recreational parks, cultural events, and shopping destinations.

Ideal for: Families and young professionals prioritizing education, community engagement, and a high quality of life. It’s also fitting for those who enjoy outdoor activities and a lively local scene.


Fortville, a quaint and charming town northeast of Indianapolis neighborhoods, offers a rustic yet vibrant lifestyle. Its downtown area is filled with antique shops, local eateries, and boutiques, all adding to its small-town charm. It has several parks and recreational areas ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. The community here is close-knit, with events like the Fortville Winter Festival and summer concerts in the park fostering a strong sense of belonging.

Neighborhood Feel: Fortville presents a picturesque setting where the charm of yesteryears meets the ease of contemporary living. Its main streets, lined with boutique shops and local eateries, encapsulate the town’s warm and inviting nature. The community prides itself on its green spaces and commitment to maintaining a clean, safe environment.

Ideal for: Those who cherish small-town living with a vibrant community spirit. Despite its small size, it provides a high quality of life and a welcoming atmosphere for newcomers.

In summary, Indiana‚Äôs residential areas offer a strong sense of community and various housing options, amenities, and activities to fit any lifestyle. By choosing one of the best neighborhoods in Indianapolis listed above, you’re not just finding a place to live but discovering an enclave where you can thrive.

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